How to place an order

Below you will find phone numbers and e-mail addresses of the coordinators accepting orders related to particular language pairs.

The coordinator responsible for a language pair in question will:

  • find out what you need

  • inform you of the minimal prices applicable at the moment, and

  • redirect you to a translator, with whom you will be dealing from then on.

All technical matters (such as deadlines, contact details and terminology), as well as financial issues (payment amount and procedure) shall be settled directly with the translator without any intermediaries.


To reach English-Russian and Russian-English section coordinator please call: +7-916-912-22-25 or mail to:Order translation – English

To reach German-Russian and Russian-German section coordinator please call: +7-916-685-12-24 or mail to:Order translation – German

To reach French-Russian written translations section coordinator please call: +7-926-203-40-28 or mail to:Order translation – French

IMPORTANT! Since our coordinators are free-lance translators working on their own, please note, that they may be from time to time unreachable, for example, performing an oral translation or getting in touch with other clients or fellow translators. Therefore, if you fail to reach any of them at once, please leave a voicemail message or drop an e-mail with your contact details – they will call you back at the earliest convenience.

On any issues related to this website please write to

However, before you call or write, we strongly recommend you to read the Client’s Manual, especially, if you have never dealt with translators before.

It will help you to set out your requirements in the clearest possible way and avoid some most common mistakes.


Client’s Manual

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english russian translator

russian english translator




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