Domodedovo Airport


Largest airport in Russia, used mostly for domestic flights. It has an Arrival Hall and a Departure Hall. Flights to Central Asia and Baku and some of the flights to Siberia, Far East and Armenia including Alma-Ata, Ashkhabad, Baku, Bishkek, Dushanbe, Khabarovsk, Tashkent, Vladivostok

Located 48 km south of Moscow on Kashirskoe Shosse off highway M4-M6 (below HH7).

Services: Restaurant and Domodedovo Airport Hotel about 1/2 km from airport (see HOTELS), Intourtrans waiting room. Aeroflot and Intourist, savings bank (Mo-Fr, 9-17), post office, transit bookings, hair salon, currency exchange (Eleksbank), metal repair, intercity phones, pay shower, shoe cleaning (in restrooms), pharmacy, quick business cards and arcade games on every floor.

Meals: Cafe serving ice cream, hamburgers, beer, sandwiches on 1st floor, open 0-24 (9-9:20). Buffet on 3rd floor, open 0-24. Dining Hall on 4th floor, open 3-15. "Laynen Cafe", outside building to the right.

Information 007-495 323-81-60
Manager 007-495 323-89-03
Dispatcher 007-495 323-83-03
Militia (Police) 007-495 323-82-78
Railway Tickets 007-495 323-83-61 (ext. 5778)



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