Moscow Subway ( Metro Underground Metropoliten)

Moscow Subway (Underground), called the Metro for "Metropoliten", is the fastest and cheapest way to reach many points in Moscow with 10 radial lines and one circular (more are being constructed) and over 200 kilometers of track. It operates from 5:30 A.M. to 1:00 A.M. Metro stations are identified by the red (M) signs.

Trains run at intervals of 2-4 minutes, 1-2 minutes during rush hours.

The loud speakers announce (in Russian) the next coming stop and the stop you are on.

The doors open and close automatically. Every station has a police post, a first-aid station and telephones - local and international. The local (city) and international.

Transfer points (perekhody) close at 1 A.M. Watch the time; you might get stuck in the middle of the night.



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