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Anna A. Shishkova

English-Russian freelance translator & interpreter and translation project manager

English-Russian freelance translator & interpreter and translation project manager. Anna A. Shishkova English CV

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Date of execution: October 15, 2006

I hereby certify that, to the best of my knowledge and belief, the below biodata correctly describe myself, my qualification and my experience, as of October 15, 2006

Key Information

I am a qualified linguist and professional English-Russian translator/interpreter with over 6 years of experience.
I participated in and, what is more, managed several large translation projects. Targeting at perfection, I enhance my knowledge and skills on a regular basis (completed an advanced training program for translators, finished a second higher education in business&finance, and continue to self-educate).

  • Good knowledge of the English language and culture gained while staying in the UK.
  • Excellent writing and communication skills.
  • Responsible and reliable with excellent attention to detail.
  • Motivated, flexible and able and willing to master new skills quickly.
  • Good team member, able to work on my own initiative and bring the best out in colleagues.
  • Proven ability to solve problems and prioritize under pressure to tight deadlines.
  • Excellent research, organizational and administration skills.
  • Good interpersonal skills with people of all backgrounds and cultures.
  • High degree of computer literacy.
  • Driving license.


Personal Data

Date of Birth: January 1, 1980

Nationality: Russian

Citizenship: Russian Federation

Family Status: single



Translation Fields / Areas / Documents:

1) Business – highest quality: trade; franchising; business management; supply chain management; logistics and warehousing; marketing and market research; deals and contracts; memorandums and agreements; offers and quotations; feasibility studies; bills of lading; policies and procedures; resolutions and minutes; press releases; business proposals business plans; extracts from trade and other registers; corporate presentations and profiles; corporate web-site texts; etc.

2) Finance – highest quality: securities; taxation; investment; insurance; accounting; banking; annual and other reports; terms and conditions; insurance policies; financial records and statements; audit reports; supporting financial documents; mandates; signature cards; applications; etc.

3) Law – highest quality: human rights; copyright law; commercial arbitration; court rulings, decisions and proceedings; federal laws; local orders; constituent documents; powers of attorneys; certificates; notarized and legalized documents; apostilles; etc.

4) Medicine – high quality: drugs & pharmaceuticals; contraceptives; cosmetics; dentistry; treatment of burn injuries and fractures; dressings, bandages and their application; pandemic flu; AIDS; ADHD; animal studies; certificates of pharmaceutical products; brochures; medical opinions; etc.

5) Software – high quality: back office systems; stock management systems; user manuals; rules and procedures; Internet site forms; etc.

6) Politics – good quality: newspaper articles on hot issues, etc.

7) Technics – good quality: construction; landscaping; textiles; home appliances; oil and gas; oils and greases; aircrafts; agriculture and farm machinery; fast food equipment; advertising aids; ceramics; metallurgy; scientific articles; material data sheets; lists of equipment; operating manuals; safety data sheets; drawings; etc.




1) Exhibitions – highest quality: information exchange between exhibitors and visitors

2) Conferences – highest quality: whispering

3) Negotiations – high quality: face-to-face and telephone interpretation

4) Presentations – good quality: consecutive interpretation

5) Trainings – good quality: simultaneous interpretation


Project Management

1) Participation – highest quality: work on a project as a member of a translator team, compilation of project glossaries

2) Management – good quality: use of TRADOS tools to coordinate work of a translator team and to technically handle a project



  • Four years of working full time at Moscow translation agencies
  • Positions: translator, interpreter, editor, manager, senior manager, head of the department
  • Two years of working as a freelancer (including on the contractual basis)


Examples: translation

Member of a translation team: translated (from English into Russian) two chapters for a publication on the Swiss stock exchange law, August-September, 2006, over 170 pages

Translation for SFC (UK): franchise agreements, business plan and proposals, correspondence, marketing materials, management, operating and marketing manuals, safety data sheets, recipes, November - December 2005, the United Kingdom (Reading), over 300 pages

Translation for Shell Company on oils and greases, August 2005, over 70 pages

Translation for Oral-B Company: articles, research papers, advertising brochures, Internet site texts, May 2005, over 50 pages

Translation of a series of agreements on telecommunication services, company names are not disclosed for confidentiality reasons, October 2004, over 60 pages



Editing Rosneft’s corporate web-site texts, July 2006, over 70 pages

Editing the draft Federal Law ‘On Packaging Waste’, May 2006, over 15 pages

Editing translated materials of Novartis on pandemic flu, March 2006, over 20 pages


Consecutive Interpretation

Meetings at the Central Bank of Russia: the Bank’s management and representatives of foreign financial institutions discussed the Russian banking sector and system development, September 2006

Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD) International Conference, April 2006

Work group meetings at Petrovax, December 2005

Negotiations of Klipsch Europe BV, spring 2005


Simultaneous Interpretation

Change Management training at RUSAL, March 2006

International Exhibition ‘Franchising-2005’, September 2005


Project Participation

November – December 2002: one of Sakhalin translation projects (at ROID Translation Agency) – work coordination

March – April 2004: Mortgage book translation project (at ROID Translation Agency) – project management



2005 - 2006

Moscow University Touro
Major: Financial Management
Courses taken: Business Law, Corporate Finance, Business Policy, Human Resources Management, Information Technology for Effective Management, International Marketing, Strategic Management, Macroeconomics, Small Business Management, etc.
Grades A, A+ and A- mostly
Diploma (second higher education)


September 2005

GAAP (Generally Accepted Accounting Principles) training
Moscow University Touro


April 2003

Advanced training for translators
National Training Center for Translators/All-Russian Translation Center for Scientific and Technical Literature and Documentation


1996 - 2001

Yaroslavl State Teacher Training University
Qualification: English and History
Diploma with Honours (first higher education)


Other Related & Supporting Data

PC skills: Windows 98/2000/ХР, Word, Excel, Access, Power Point, Adobe Acrobat, Outlook, Photo Shop, Front Page, Page Maker, AutoCAD, etc.

Professional software: Trados

Foreign passport: issued on October 8, 2003, valid until October 8, 2008


Mobile phone number: +7 (910) 462 29 59
E-mail account: ann-shishkova @ ?????????? ???? ???????? ???????



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