Warranty and disclaimer


Warranty and Disclaimer

We guarantee high quality of our services with all our hard-earned professional reputation, which we would not compromise by any means and under any circumstances.

Obligations of any particular member of the group can be negotiated and stipulated in any mutually acceptable way including that of a contract for provision of professional services by natural person, agreement with individual entrepreneur, oral agreement etc.

Each of the participants of our group is responsible for the quality and other material aspects of the work independently and severally from the group as such. The latter may not take any responsibility for actions of its members, since it is not a business entity.

Nevertheless, should the quality or any other material aspect of our translator’s performance be, in your opinion, not in compliance with his or her representations, you can make it known to the relevant service coordinator, who will then be obliged to check it up. If your information proves to be true, punitive measures will be applied to the translator in question and he or she may even be expelled from our group.

On the other hand, any breach of obligations to our members on the part of their customers will be disclosed on the title page of this web site and brought to attention of the broadest possible audience (including, first of all, our fellow translators) using all means currently available to us.


warranty and disclaimer

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