Language pairs

  • English <=> Russian
  • German <=> Russian
  • French => Russian
  • English => German
  • French => English

Kinds of translation

  • written
  • simultaneous
  • consecutive


We are a group of independent professional translators and interpreters offering the full range of translation services (written, synchronous and consecutive) without intermediaries.

All of us are native Russians living and working in Moscow. Most of us can travel abroad.

For the avoidance of doubt we have to emphasize: we are not an agency or a bureau, which means, that our customers deal with translators and interpreters directly.

All members of our group have experience with clients at the highest organisational level including CEOs of leading companies, top public officials (including presidents and prime ministers), parliamentarians, heads of non-governmental institutions and international organisations.
(For more information on our collective track record please refer to our translators and interpreters and our clients sections of the web site.)

Some of us combine professional career with teaching translation-related subjects to students of the most renown educational establishments of Russia including the Moscow State Linguistic University (the former Maurice Thorez Moscow State Pedagogical Institute of Foreign Languages), Moscow International School of Translation and Interpreting (MISTI) etc.

Most of us have professional background in other spheres of human activity, such as banking, finance, law, geology, as well as various areas of technical science and humanities.

What we do

Oral translation (simultaneous and consecutive) from English and German into Russian and backwards.

Written translation from English and German into Russian and from Russian into English and German.

Moreover, we translate written texts from French into Russian, as well as directly from one foreign language to another, specifically, from English into German and from French into English.

What we do not do

We do not specialise in translation of relatively short documents to be certified by notary forthwith.
Therefore, if you need a passport, diploma, certificate or the like translated in an hour, it would be better, that you turn to a translation bureau accepting one-off orders from occasional customers.
At the same time, it does not mean, that we do not translate texts, which require certification.
We can have any relatively lengthy document certified by a public notary as soon, as it is translated.

We do not guide tours.

As a rule, we do not translate videos, computer games and multimedia. Generally, we do not do any translations requiring special technical knowledge and/or equipment (save for traditional simultaneous interpreting equipment and personal computers).
Such translation is only possible, when all the technical issues are dealt with by the customer.

We do not use any computer-aided translation (CAT) or translation memory (TM) software, such as Tradors or WordFast, because we believe, that human translator’s memory is enough to remember, what has been already done, and apply terms consistently. Actually, professional competence of any one, who is unable to do so, is questionable.
In our opinion (supported by decades of experience acquired under most peculiar circumstances), it takes much more mental energy to “switch” from translating a text to assessing variants offered by computer and backwards, than to translate it straight (provided, that your skills, including touch typing, are sufficient).

Usually, we do not translate fiction and poetry. In other words, we avoid doing any translation focused on artistic qualities and style of the original to the detriment of meaning and adequacy.
The main reason is, that it takes much more time, that does not pay back competitively.
However, some of us have experience in this area and use it extensively as a part of their integral translation competence.
In view of the above, terms and conditions of any order related to literary translation may be discussed separately.


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